ARCH recognises one of the most complex and biggest challenges faced by the collaboration is how we work with the population across many different types of communities to see improvement in population health and reduction in health inequality. ARCH is bringing together partners from across the public, private and 3rd sectors and the wellness team is working with stakeholders from across these sectors at a Primary Care Cluster level to develop and fully utilise community assets as part of new integrated solutions and services for areas of increasing concern, such as obesity and dementia. The Llanelli Wellness and Life Csience Village is a key project for this team, working alongside Carmarthenshire Council on the £100million project.


  • Meryl Gravell, OBE, Carmarthenshire Councillor and Swansea Bay City Region vice-chair


  • Daniel Warm ,Hywel Dda Service Transformation Programme manager
  • Professor Ifan Evans, Head of Healthcare Innovation at Welsh Government 
  • Professor Kathryn Davies, Hywel Dda lead for ARCH
  • Steven Herrieven, Director of Innovation and Business Development at College of Human and Health Science
  • Sara Hayes, ABMU Director of Public Health
  • Teresa Owen, Hywel Dda Director of Public Health
  • Professor Terry Stevens, Swansea University’s School of Management
  • Will Oliver, Hywel dda assistant director of therapies and health science