Health and wellbeing are inextricably linked; many of the drivers of better health such as income, housing and education, are the same as those associated with increased wellbeing.

Transforming the wellbeing of the ARCH population offers significant potential to address increased demand on health services and to fully embrace prevention and early intervention.


The three following work packages have been developed as areas for concerted project activity within this programme:

  1. Understanding: ARCH is developing a robust ‘Case for Change’. We will develop a thorough understanding and baseline level of health and wellbeing throughout the ARCH region. ARCH will then embark on a longitudinal evaluation of the impact on health and wellbeing of projects under the Wellbeing Programme and the service delivery changes to be implemented; a full report will be delivered in the Service Transformation Programme;
  2. Rebalancing: Development of a pan-region network of health & wellbeing schemes, which bring together education and enterprise capacity with multi-partner service provision to address health and wellbeing, focused around a re-balancing of services between hospital and community settings and between service providers;
  3. Preventing: Implementation of a programme assurance function throughout ARCH to ensure the application of a wellbeing focus to project activity. Develop an ARCH Wellbeing Bond to promote new partnerships that will deliver preventative programmes to reduce demand on the health service.

The Wellbeing Programme will make a quantifiable improvement to the health and wellbeing of the
population of South West Wales, when compared with other regions. The programme will make a substantial contribution to:

  • Contributing to the reduction of health inequalities between population groups;
  • Affecting a tangible step-change in our approach to prevention and early intervention across all ARCH programmes;
  • Reducing inappropriate demand on key healthcare services by influencing the key social determinants of health and supporting people to remain well within their communities.
  • Improve access to opportunities and services that have a demonstrable impact on keeping people well for longer;
  • Maximise the potential of innovation and emerging digital capability and next generation technologies to keep people well, including changing the way in which services are delivered.

Health & Wellbeing Academy:

The Health & Wellbeing Academy is an innovative concept which encapsulates everything ARCH aims to achieve in terms of transforming the way the NHS delivers care and allowing students get hands on patient experience.
The Academy which opened in March 2017 at the Singleton Campus aims to ease pressure on the health service. It is a unique approach aimed at improving health and wellbeing through a range of treatments and alternative ways for patients to manage their care. It will also help improve care for patients who face delays in diagnosis and assessments by providing them with alternative options.
Led by the College for Human and Health Sciences, the Academy will assist primary care by taking referrals for assessment. It will also enrich the experience of students by providing new opportunities for students including patient interaction.

The Health & Wellbeing Academy is building a Wellness Garden for brain injury patients - find out more here

Their first wellbeing clients were young adults aged 11-16 from the Swansea area. They attended a workshop delivered by Cruse Bereavement Care, in collaboration with the department of nursing and three student nurses from the child field undergraduate nursing programme. The ARCH partnership has resulted in the provision of a unique service in Wales that can make a real difference to young people who have suffered a family bereavement.

This is just one service which will be delivered through the Academy, others include audiology, osteopathy and maternal health.

Professor Ceri Phillips, Head of College for Human and Health Science said: “The Academy aims to ease pressure on the health service, particularly for our GPs and A&E departments.

“It is a unique approach aimed at improving health & wellbeing across the region through a range of complementary treatments and alternative ways for patients to manage their health and care.”

Phase one of the academy is now live with future phases looking to scale up and roll out the concept across the ARCH region. The Llanelli Village is just one of the health & wellbeing schemes which will house an academy within the development.

Wellbeing Compendium

Understanding and Measuring Wellbeing

Regional Wellbeing - Data Analysis Report

Regional Wellbeing - ARCH Indicators


Download a summary of the Portfolio Delivery Plan here

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