The Wellbeing Programme Board aims to:

  • Drive the strategic direction of the Wellbeing Programme and ARCH more broadly
  • Effectively advance the wellbeing activities of the ARCH Portfolio across three work packages:
  1. Case for change and longitudinal evaluation mechanism
  2. Health and Wellbeing Centres and place-based regeneration
  3. Prevention and early intervention, including providing an assurance mechanism within ARCH to ensure that all Programmes seek to address wellbeing

    Cllr. Meryl Gravell (Carmarthenshire Council)

    Board members:
    Leighton Phillips (Swansea University)
    Dr Rebecca Hill        (ARCH)
    Dr Robert Royce     (ARCH & ABMU)
    Prof Hamish Laing (ABMU)
    Joanne Abbott-Davies (ABMU)
    Hilary Dover       (ABMU)
    Dr Phil Kloer       (Hywel Dda)
    Michael Thomas (Hywel Dda)
    Will Oliver (Hywel Dda)
    Jill Paterson        (Hywel Dda)
    Karen Miles (Hywel Dda)
    Prof Marc Clement (Swansea University)
    Prof Ceri Phillips         (Swansea University)
    Bjorn Rodde     (Swansea University)
    Sharon Burford (Carmarthenshire Council)
    Sir Mansel Aylward (The Bevan Commission)