Our Vision

The ARCH partners are working together to ensure South West Wales is able to deliver high-quality patient care and ensure we have staff with the right skills  to do so.ARCH aims to improve population health by reducing variation and providing access to excellent care. We want to improve the wellbeing of the region through focused interventions to improve the engagement of the public with their own and health and wellbeing and also promote a vibrant economy through investment, innovation and sustainability of employment.


ARCH is our opportunity to challenge ourselves to deliver transformation.

As well as looking to find immediate solutions to some of the day to day struggles we face, ARCH also allows the three partners time to lift their heads and look to the future to find a long-term solution to providing sustainble solutions.

We will only find the answers by looking forward – and as a region we need to develop a long-term strategy not just about the next 12 months - ARCH has that vision.

ARCH is fundamentally trying to change the way “we do business” across the region.

ARCH has been built on the belief that by strategically integrating and regionally planning our approach to health service development, skills and education, and workforce development as well as research and innovation in the health and life science sector, we will deliver improved wellbeing for the population and increase the benefits.

We recognise that by jointly planning our approach across a region of one million people, we will amplify the advantages and provide solutions to persistant challenges that have vexed the region. This collaborative
approach will demonstrate a new methodology which we believe will become a benchmark for tackling enduring social challenges.

ARCH brings together four powerful strands:

  • Skills & Education
  • Service Transformation
  • Wellbeing
  • Research, Enterprise and Innovation

We will see significant improvement within all four of these areas, this in turn will lead to both direct and indirect benefit to the wellbeing of the population of the region.

We will develop a pipeline of talent to meet the future demands that the health and life science sector will face and develop new and enhanced roles to meet the workforce needs of new service models. Through ARCH the health and life science sector for the economy will be enhanced. This will increase the opportunities for people across the region to benefit from research and the translation of this research into economic growth. We can both attract more global investment into the regional sector and boost our own homegrown
talent in the health and life science economy.

ARCH places wellbeing at the centre of our future service models and the use of digital technology as the defacto norm in future service design.

ARCH will deliver the following aims:

  • Improve the health of our communities in the region by contributing to the reduction of health inequalities and empowering the population to manage their own health;
  • Use technology and Big Data to improve the delivery of our services;
  • Ensure services are integrated and easy to access with health, social care, public, private and third sector working together;
  • Deliver a sustainable health system;
  • Deliver a step-change for the medical and life sciences economy, by increasing research capacity, and its
  • Mobilise the NHS capacity to innovate and translate ideas for the economic benefit of the region;
  • Create an open innovation environment and culture, co-locating class-leading science, practice & enterprise;
  • Help stabilise the immediate workforce challenges within the NHS;
  • Create a sustainable and fit-for-purpose workforce for the future;
  • Create a multi-professional learning and training environment;
  • Recruit, develop, inspire and retain the best talent including the promotion of increased opportunities for the population of South West Wales;
  • Extend the interface between service provision and academia to drive improvement in our population’s health.

Download a summary of the Portfolio Delivery Plan here

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