We cannot afford to ignore the fact that we are part of a global race to develop our skills. It is these skills that will define our future competitiveness and support Wales to evolve into a highly-skilled nation capable of raising productivity, reducing barriers into work and supporting people into employment.

To achieve this future vision we must recognise the major policy challenges facing us over the next decade and agree on the action needed to affect change in the long term.

ARCH is developing the skills, knowledge and talent of a healthcare delivery workforce fit for the current and future Life Science and Health ecosystem of South West Wales, through the alignment of the two health boards with the work of Swansea University Medical School and the College of Human and Health Science.

With the headlines that the NHS has staffing issues across England and Wales, ARCH is working to create an effective, fit for purpose and sustainable workforce.

Swansea University’s  College of Human and Health Sciences is a key part  of the ARCH Programme. The college is represented on all of the ARCH working groups underpinning the ARCH developments. The college is one of  the largest providers of non-medical health professions education in Wales, as well as a provider of social work qualifications, a psychology department with close working relationships with both health boards, an ethics group and research centres in Ageing and Health Economics. This means the college is a major player in the Skills and Workforce Development arm of ARCH.

The  ARCH partners have identified the need for new roles across the NHS and this year we will deliver the  Physician’s Associate qualification. This  Postgraduate Diploma in Physician’s Associate Studies has been created through the collaborative working between Swansea University Medical School and the College of Human and Health Sciences and the two health boards and will begin from October. 

The Physician’s Associate is trained for work in both primary and secondary care in the diagnosis and management of patients.