ARCH is creating an integrated, open, collaborative medical and life sciences ecosystem, developing doctors, healthcare professionals and life scientists working globally to drive research capacity, enterprise and innovation, and skills for the sustainable benefit of the health, wellbeing and wealth of the region and beyond.

Collaboration between researchers at Swansea University and the local health boards has been established for some time, and has resulted in real benefits to patients in the ARCH region.

The ARCH programme aims are underpinned by research excellence in the partner Swansea University Colleges and broader networks, ARCH will develop and translate leading healthcare innovation to the benefit of the population of the region and beyond.

The work of the Institute of Life Science (ILS) has had a profound effect on the coming together of the ARCH partners.

ILS was established as the vehicle for the College of Medicine’s Research, Enterprise and Innovation activities in 2004 and celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2014. The ILS strategy implemented by the College of Medicine has secured £42m infrastructure funding delivering to time and budget, creating in excess of 800 new jobs, attracting more than £50m incremental investment.

The ILS MediPark concept will transform this momentum into a regional network of centres and activity reaching from Swansea to Pembroke.

Building upon this track-record, the MediPark is a regional vision is to support the delivery of ARCH through transformation of skills development and research & innovation capacity to the benefits of its combined healthcare, academic and industrial community. Planned over a period of 24 months it draws upon strengths of each partner to deliver an impact greater than the sum of its parts.

Working with its ARCH partners, ILS MediPark will realise the following;

  • Healthcare Technology Centre
  • Expanded Joint Clinical Research Facility
  • Healthcare and Life Science Skills Centre
  • ILS@Morriston, building upon the existing infrastructure of J-CRF
  • ILS@Hywel Dda, developing R&D activity in West Wales
  • Health and Wellbeing Academy

ILS has adopted the philosophy of open innovation and has developed strong partnerships internally with the Colleges of Human & Health Sciences, Engineering, Science, along with emerging initiatives with Colleges of Business & Management, and Arts & Humanities.

The ARCH MediPark will provide significant economic impact through;

  • Healthcare Technology Centre Job creation: Growth of the research activity within HTC will create new employment opportunities.
  • Life Sciences and Healthcare Skills Centre Job Creation: Working with employers to support their growth, targeting employment opportunities across Life Sciences and healthcare sectors.
  • Employment growth in supported enterprises: Continued efforts of the ILS Enterprise and Innovation team will support companies in exploiting research output from HTC, creating more employment across the sector.

MediPark will contribute to ARCH as a long-term transformative initiative with impact extending beyond its 10- 15 year time horizon.