The ARCH Portfolio is made up of four programmes of work, they are:

*Skills & Education
*Service Transformation
*Research, Enterprise & Innovation

Each of our programmes is made up of 12 to 20 projects. Through the delivery of these projects we
will begin to address many of the challenges set out in the case for change.

We recognise that our programmes are highly interlinked, many projects deliver benefits across more than one programme and some projects deliver benefits across all the four programmes.
The challenges that each of the programmes is designed to address are interlinked. Therefore our solution is not just to collaborate between partner organisations but design projects that are themselves a collaboration, providing solutions that have a multiplier effect delivering benefits across the programmes.
We have designed our governance and portfolio infrastructure to enable this approach.

Each workstream has a programme board made up of key stakeholders and reports to the ARCH Board. Each programme board has responsibility for specific projects relating to their workstream.

Download a summary of the Portfolio Delivery Plan here

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