Portfolio Design

Each of our programmes is made up of 12 to 20 projects. Through the delivery of these projects we will begin to address many of the challenges set out in the case for change.

The four programmes are:

  1. Wellbeing
  2. Service Transformation
  3. Skills & Education
  4. Research, Enterprise and Innovation

We recognise that our programmes are highly interlinked, many projects deliver benefits across more than one programme and some projects deliver benefits across all the four programmes.

The challenges that each of the programmes is designed to address are interlinked. Therefore our solution is not just to collaborate between partner organisations but design projects that are themselves a collaboration, providing solutions that have a multiplier effect delivering benefits across the programmes.

We have designed our governance and portfolio infrastructure to enable this approach. Download the full report for more information.

The ARCH collaboration will deliver against the Wales Programme for Government (Taking Wales Forward Nov 2016). Through the portfolio we aim to demonstrate a measurable improvement in the wellbeing of our population. We have developed ARCH as a vehicle to enable us to deliver our parts of this mandate.

Taking Wales Forward is the Welsh Government’s programme for the next five years. Taking Wales Forward sets out the Government’s programme to drive improvement in the Welsh economy and public services, delivering a Wales which is prosperous and secure, healthy and active, ambitious and learning, united and connected.

The Government’s priorities for delivering those improvements are ambitious, aimed at making a difference for everyone, at every stage in their lives.

Alongside the programme, the Government has set out its wellbeing objectives which set out how the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act 2015 will help deliver this programme for government.

Portfolio design: rural assurance:

Health and wellbeing outcomes for people living in rural West Wales should as a result of ARCH be better for most and much better for some than if the project had not been established with the capacity to:

  • Respond to opportunities and build on significant achievements made in recent years to develop
    capacity, deliver excellence and make transformational change in health, care services and wellbeing for rural communities.
  • Provide infrastructure which includes capital
    infrastructure as well as service development, research and innovation taking account of the fundamental elements in providing effective quality health and care services for health and wellbeing for rural communities.
  • Mobilise, with Higher and Further Education, a step-change in the development of network of centres of excellence for research and develop the health and care workforce for the rural communities.

We recognise the need to consider and adapt to the needs of rural populations when designing solutions for our region. The ARCH portfolio has been scrutinised by a Rural Assurance Board to ensure ARCH has considered rural needs and is taking action to provide better health and wellbeing outcomes.

Download a summary of the Portfolio Delivery Plan here

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