16 Mar 2016 Global news station visits ARCH to find out about innovation

RT at ILS 2

International broadcaster RT (formerly Russia Today) has visited Swansea to find out more about the ARCH Programme.

RT is the first Russian 24/7 English-language news channel which covers global news. RT has a audience of 70 million weekly viewers in 38 countries,with 36 million of these from Europe.

Their London correspondent Laura Smith was intrigued by the ARCH Programme after seeing the recruitment video created by ARCH partner ABMU which has gone viral.

ABMU's communications team created the doctor recruitment video to showcase the excellence and innovation taking place in the health board but also what a great place it is to live. ABMU doctors praised the area and explained why they love working in South West Wales.

ABMU communications director Susan Bailey said: "Our doctors talk about our fantastic environment, our beaches, our mountains, and the great training and job opportunities we offer. And, how affordable it is to live here."

Mark Poulden, an Emergency Medicine Consultant in Morriston Hospital, Swansea, said: “We hear a lot about doctors being attracted to Australia and the New South Wales but we think rather than leave the UK you should consider the original South Wales, where we have a fantastic quality of life.

“We have wonderful beaches, great outdoor activities, culture, and also in Cardiff we have the best rugby stadium in the world.”

Susan added: "RT's London correspondent got in touch after seeing our video as they thought it was a refreshing angle to take. They were keen to come and see our region for themselves. It is great to be able to show their huge audience all the great work which is taking place here in Wales."

As part of their visit, the RT team were taken to Morriston Hospital to meet ABMU doctors and then to Swansea University's Institute of Life Science (ILS) at the Singleton Health Campus.

At the ILS they met with Dr Lewis Francis, from the Centre of NanoHealth, where he described how the collaboration between academics and clinicians through the ARCH Programme was not only creating world class research but was also delivering real benefits to patients.

Dr Francis is a  Senior Lecturer in NanoBiology, Reproductive Biology and Gynaecological Oncology at Swansea University's Medical School. He talked RT correspondent Laura Smith through the research being carried out to help doctors detect cancer earlier and help them treat it in a more personalised and effective way.

ARCH communications manager Emma Bryant said: "To have the opportunity to put ARCH on a global stage was wonderful. The great work by ABMU has helped give us a platform to highlight the ARCH aims. We were able to discuss how research is being translated to help patients right here in South West Wales.

"They were so impressed by the ARCH Programme of work they will be returning to interview more of our ARCH team. It's very exciting to get this kind of buzz about our region and showcase it to an international audience."

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 RT and ILS2

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