Health foundation tools. Probably the richest online source of healthcare friendly tools and applications. The Health Foundation site includes theory, explanations, tools and blogs.


1000 Live Co-pro tools. A description of resources and programmes available in NHS Wales and a link to support and expertise. 1000 Lives have also published three white papers relating to this subject. The most recent is 1000 Lives Listening White Paper.


Co-creating health in ABMU. A short but inspiring video explains the principles: ABMU video

Training and support are available locally. See the attached poster for details or contact   David Murphy, Assistant Director of Therapies and Health


Kings Fund EBD Tools. This is one of two toolkits about Experience Based Design which are available online. It is based on practical work at Guys, St Thomas’ and Kings College. Everything is here to help you work with patients and staff, apply their knowledge and measure the results. More recently the Kings Fund has releasedPatients as partners. Don’t start any significant joint working until you have checked this out – maybe you may even consider their leadership programme in partnership with a patient leader.


NIII EBD tools. Similar to the Kings Fund tools but slightly harder to access given the demise of the Institute. Still worth a look. n.b. you seem to be able to get tools free from this address whereas they are chargeable if you use another site.

AHRQ tools includes a wealth of tools. They feel and sound quite US focussed but you may find just what you are looking for here – let us know!