The Service Improvement and Transformation Team, and Quality Improvement Team 

We aim to:

  • build and support capability in leading change;
  • provide guidance, support and training in service improvement;
  • utilise the latest thinking in innovation;
  • develop and implement new improvement initiatives and models, through our work with frontline teams;
  • add value by leading and advocating change;
  • connect people for sustainable change;
  • gather and share knowledge of our current system, and alternatives we could learn from;
  • discuss sustainability and transformation with our patients, staff and partners, and develop a culture of co-production;
  • help the system improve, and manage change by improving awareness and connecting local resources and expertise in service improvement and transformation;
  • facilitate the move towards an alternative model of healthcare, focused on illness prevention and population health

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Our Expertise

Within our team we have access to varying assets and expertise, including:

  • IQT Bronze, Silver, Gold and ‘Train the Trainer’
  • Foundation of Improvement Science Healthcare
  • ISP module 01
  • Continuous Improvement Practitioners
  • Co-production methodology
  • Clinical, Nursing, Occupational Therapy and Clinical Governance skills and backgrounds