ARCH aims to create a healthcare system fit for the 21st Century. Through innovation and collaboration we will create a state-of-the-art Health Economy which  delivers safe, sustainable and efficient services, comparable with the best in the world - and to deliver these as locally and prudently as possible.

A Regional Collaboration for Health (ARCH) is using collaboration, innovation and radical thinking to address the challenges we currently face in our health service.

 The NHS in Wales faces challenges of an ageing population, an increasing demand for care, a rise in chronic diseases, the need to reduce health inequalities, pressure to recruit high-quality health staff and retain them, as well as the constant need to improve quality of care and access to services.

In line with the Welsh Government Public Health Strategy  to improve the health of the communities in South West Wales, the ARCH Programme has recognised that to keep people well for longer and be able to provide long-term excellent healthcare, we must:

  • Have a radical approach to modernising the health service model
  • Be able to provide care closer to home
  • Develop specialist centres of excellence
  • Address health inequalities
  • Make better use of technology and data
  • Improve the quality of care
  • Develop  the workforce of the future
  • Embed a culture of personal ownership for health and wellbeing with the people living in the communities we serve
  • Have an innovative approach to shaping our financial regime

ARCH addresses each of these commitments in an innovative way. By developing and extending the partnerships of Swansea University and ABMU and Hywel Dda university health boards we can really drive improvement in our population’s health and reshape how care is delivered.

ARCH is creating an integrated, collaborative medical and life sciences regional ecosystem. Nothing of this scale and complexity has ever been attempted in Wales before, but we aim  to deliver high quality patient care, develop our doctors, healthcare professionals and life scientists with a global perspective to drive excellence and to improve the health, wealth and wellbeing of South West Wales.