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Co-Production - Experience based design - Patient led services

Asking patients how they would like the service I provide? – Get real! A short review by Dr Alan Wilson, Improvement Science Research Group, Swansea University If you are allergic to buzzwords then all these terms will already have given you a rash. You might reject them in common with every wave of managerialism or political correctness. But, like most new ideas, it is most useful if we take control of it and use it purposefully. Here, we share some thoughts about why more participation could help us, some tools to make it easy and links to colleagues who can share experience. The aim is to move beyond jargon and make it real.

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  • 24th February 2017 - Alan, Willson

    It is inspiring to read how our clinicians getting people more involved in determining their choices. Please post more examples so we can share learning.

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