We have already started implementing some of the changes we need across the region. A critical part of our work between February and October 2016 has been to engage widely.

The ARCH partners have adopted an “engaged approach” throughout 2016. Our engagement builds on the work carried out through the strategic programmes Changing for the Better in ABMU and Your Health, Your Future in Hywel Dda health boards.

These extensive engagement programmes were launched in 2012 to listen and engage with our populations with regard to service change in response to the growing and changing need that the health economy across Wales is facing.

We are working across the three partner organisations to ensure:

  • Key stakeholders are clear on the direction and aims of the ARCH partnership
  • We engage early to produce higher-quality outcomes
  • Involve the right people at the right time
  • Use the right channels and tools to create constructive conversations and as the portfolio moves forward demonstrate impact to show stakeholder involvement has been influential in the evolution of the portfolio and its related programmes of work.

ARCH has worked with a range of key stakeholders across our region within the health and life science sector on the following areas:

  • The ARCH vision and aims
  • The direction of ARCH and the service changes we are proposing
  • The scope of projects included in the ARCH Portfolio
  • The principles of co-production embedded in ARCH and our commitment to turn intent into practice.

Early on in the life of ARCH six collaborative teams were established representing Service Transformation, Skills & Education, Wellbeing, R,E&I, Rural Communities and Infrastructure.

The teams were made up of cross-sector, multi-organisational membership and were brought together to provide not only stakeholder reference and engagement but to provide strategic direction and advice, work with the PMO to develop a list of projects and challenge assumptions about how health and social care is delivered, who delivers it and where it takes place.

The Collaborative Teams were crucial in the design stage of the ARCH portfolio. Membership was carefully selected from key stakeholders and influencers within the health & life science sector. The teams also allowed ARCH to begin to bring the principles of co-production to life and proved to be a key part of our
engagement process to date.

By sharing our thinking early on in the life of ARCH and working closely with our stakeholders we determined to ensure they are part of building and realising our vision for the future of health in South West Wales. Within each of the ARCH Programme Initiation Documents (PIDs) we outline our specific deliverables in years one, two and three and higher level deliverables for years four, five and beyond. This will ensure we can continue to engage on these projects which will allow us to review, refine and if necessary refresh our work to reflect our regional needs.

Download a summary of the Portfolio Delivery Plan here

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